Abusing the Vulnerable

Loving Elder CoupleSeniors or disabled individuals can find themselves victims of financial abuse in a number of ways. Telephone solicitations, new stockbrokers, emails with scam offers — even close family or friends can take advantage of individuals who live alone and/or with cognitive difficulties. Withdrawal or rollover of a Section 401k account is often the beginning of a series of new “investment opportunities” in stocks or insurance annuities which the elderly are ill prepared to evaluate. This is true even for those individuals who were previous savvy investors.

Even a wrongful death settlement or similar lump sum award can often lead to the improper or illegal use of funds, especially for senior citizens. Joseph H. Spiegel PLLC has been providing unparalleled legal guidance to seniors and others for more than 40 years. His experience with deceptive tactics and unsuitable investments can guide you and your loved ones back to solvency and security.

Providing Legal Care With Passion to Senior Citizens

What distinguishes attorney Joseph H. Spiegel is his dedication, caring and sensitivity. He’s helped individuals and families through some of the most delicate and challenging aspects of their lives. Mr. Spiegel respects his clients’ histories and objectives, and he’s more than willing to go above and beyond to give his clients the peace of mind they so rightfully deserve.

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