Michigan Cracks Down on Elder Abuse

In the last few years, advocates for elders throughout the state of Michigan have passed a number of laws and created programs to heighten awareness and protect elderly and vulnerable residents. Indeed, at least 15 state laws or amendments have been passed since 2012.

A Problem For Far Too Long

While Michigan’s first laws concerning elder abuse were put in place over a decade ago, they were intended to crack down on the financial and physical abuse that too many of our elders continue to face. Just four years ago, Adult Protective Services departments throughout the state of Michigan received 25,000 referrals alleging elder abuse.

Elder Abuse Hurts Everyone

Elder abuse is morally reprehensible, not to mention expensive. For example, a 2009 study conducted by MetLife Mature Market Institute found that financial abuse of elders costs as much as $2.6 billion per year nationally. With the state’s elderly population expected to top 2.1 million by 2030, it is imperative that those suffering consult an experienced, compassionate elder abuse attorney as soon as possible.

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